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About the guitars

Kellaway Classical Guitars are produced with a particular sound in mind — a combination of sweetness and clarity, even response and volume, without sacrificing an inherently traditional tonality in the Spanish style.

As a maker who is also a player I wish to satisfy every player's desire to make the most beautiful sounds possible on a classical guitar.

I currently offer Two Models. These are " Modern" and "Traditional"


Here is the ultimate lattice braced full bodied Concert Guitar.

This lattice contains no carbon fibre but is instead reinforced where required with cloth tape soaked in glue.

There is no balsa wood used inside this instrument. The bracing material is the same as the soundboard itself.

This uniformity of timber is more sonorous than a mix and provides great clarity and focus on the note.

As well as a special lattice braced top in a choice of Engelman's Spruce or Cedar my Modern guitar features :

: Molded back : Created from a cedar core with a layer of veneer on each side and braced with double layer maple strips for strength and projection.

: Deep sides : , 107mm at heel and 112mm at tailblock, laminated from 5 layers and shaped with precision to attain the best soundboard curve and a pleasing contour.

The extra depth gives a lower resinating frequency in the body which enhances the lower strings.

:12 hole "Gilbert" style bridge: stiffer than the traditional bridge, has a bone reinforced tie block, all holes countersunk, hand carved from Madagascar Rosewood.

The 12 holes tie the strings closer to the soundboard, increasing the break angle on the saddle allowing for a low saddle with plenty of tension.

I introduced the Gilbert as it is a much stiffer bridge which I found necessary to maintain integrity with the lattice.

: Steam bent solid maple linings: double linings for the soundboard, carefully fitted for maximum truth of shape and rigidity.

: Handmade Rosette : made from millions of little bits of wood for great delight.

Molded Back

Molded Back

Deep Sides

Deep Sides

modern arched back

Arched back in Rosewood.

Gilbert Style Bridge

Cedar top lattice braced

Cedar lattice top

Spruce lattice top.

Brazilian Walnut

Arched back in Brazilian Walnut


I offer a traditional guitar for players who seek the most authentic Spanish tones.
My traditional model has the following features:

The soundboard, in either Engelman's Spruce or Cedar is braced with a traditional fan in the style of Romanillos.

The back is flat and assembled with a decorative purfling and reinforced inside with a "marriage strip".

The sides are standard depth.

The bridge is of a standard appearance.

It has the 12 hole tie block system as well as my own saddle variation.

I make saddles T shaped so the full depth of the slot does not go completely to the edge of the saddle block.

This avoids creating a weakness for that thin strip of wood in front of the saddle.

The rosette can be chosen from a range or my personal rosette can be fitted.

Finishing can be high gloss or not, French Polish or Nitrocellulose lacquer.

Traditional guitar

Traditional Kellaway

Flat Walnut Back

Flat Walnut Back

Traditional Walnut

Traditional Bridge

Traditional Rose

Traditional Rose


Necks are usually Mahogany, Queensland Maple or Cuban Cedar. They are fitted to the body with a tapered dovetail joint similar to a Fleta, allowing total control over neck angle and making repair work possible in future decades. The neck shape has been developed for the pleasure of playing ease. The heel was inspired by Fleta and is carved for maximum access. Fingerboards are Black Ebony.

Traditional Specifications

String spacing at nut 42mm

Body length 490mm

String spacing at bridge 58mm

Width at upper bout 285mm

Neck width at nut 52mm

Width at waist 236mm

Neck width at 12th fret 62mm

Width at lower bout 368mm

Neck thickness at nut 21mm

Body depth at end block 100mm

Neck thickness at 10th fret 23mm

Body depth at heel 95mm

Action at 12th fret

Treble - 7/64" - 8/64"

Bass - 9/64" - 10/64"

String spacings, neck dimensions and action are standard as above but can be altered for special requirements.

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