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For Sale

My latest instrument has :
Tasmanian Myrtle back and sides,
Queensland Maple neck,
Gidgee fingerboard[lacquered],
Engelmans Spruce top braced with my latest lattice style,
And it features a tilt action neck adjustment so it can have any action required and will never need a neck reset or a saddle adjustment.
This guitar is for sale at Guitare Classique de Concert in Paris. www.guitare-classique-concert.fr
I will take orders for similar instruments directly.
My friends have made some videos of this guitar which can be seen on youtube.
Here are some links:
Review Demo Reis Demo Fortea Demo Smirnov


That New Myrtle Guitar.

Australian timbers available now for backs and sides

Tasmanian Myrtle and Tasmanian Blackwood are now in stock
Enquiries to kellawayguitars@gmail.com